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Looking to renovate your office space? The renovation of an office should usually take place within a short period of time and should cause minimal inconvenience. We convert your office space into the ideal workplace!

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Kantoor remodeling or renovation

The office where you and your employees work is a place of great importance. In the past everyone used to think that an office should be boring, gray and, above all, not too distracting. Nowadays we know better. A person functions better in a pleasant environment, including the office where you work. Do you want to facilitate optimal productivity and efficiency? Then we’ll create the perfect workplace for you in which everyone will excel. Office remodeling? Nanterre is happy to help you!

Why choose Nanterre for your office remodeling?

Nanterre has converted various offices into awesome and pleasant workplaces where employees can work productively. An inspiring office where everyone feels at home and enjoys being.

  • Reliable
  • Experience
  • Accurate Planning
  • Attention to detail
  • High-quality

Nanterre renovates your office space with the best specialists in their field. This is how we realize the best, most sustainable and high-quality office renovations! Request more information now or view a selection of the office building projects that we carried out below. Nanterre the contractor for office spaces in Amsterdam!

Why Nanterre Bouw?



Accurate Planning



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Our tips & recommendations

There is quite a bit involved in the renovation of an office and that’s why it is wise not to underestimate the work that will need to go in it. For example, it is important to have a good idea of ​​what the most important features should be and which facilities are necessary for your business.

  • Identify the most important wishes and requirements
  • Ask your members of staff for their opinion
  • Use experts (architect and construction company)
  • Consult with the landlord/owner if you are renting the office space
  • Make an extensive planning
  • Think of how to keep the business running

Orientate online

A wealth of information can be found on the internet on how to realize a productive and creative office space. Get inspired online prior to consulting with an architect and/or construction company about their ideas. We have renovated various office spaces and meeting rooms, so we know what it takes. Consequently we can definitely help you make certain choices. An architect is always useful if you want to renovate an office. Don’t have an architect yet? We work with a few great architects who would be happy to help!

The cost of remodeling office space

If you choose to renovate your office space? It’s important to take all potential costs into consideration. In many cases, some of the costs will be overlooked as well as underestimated.

When calculating costs, think about:

  • Visible costs
  • The costs for installations
  • Unforeseen small costs
  • Costs for design and supervision

Nanterre Bouw knows this better than anyone and will provide support where necessary.

Huurt u kantoorruimte? Wat mag wel en wat niet?

Are you renting an office and thinking of renovating? First of all do not forget to consult the landlord as without permission office renovations cannot take place. On the flipside, if you could demonstrate the office space gets an upgrade, you might get the landlord to pay for part of your renovation. Rule of thumb when renovating a rented office space is: without explicit permission, renovations are not possible, certainly when it concerns major changes. However, this does not include changes that can be made undone without significant costs.

More information about remodeling office space?

Featured Office Space Renovations


Build en remodeling Office Space ICTZ

For ICTZ, an IT service provider in healthcare, we linked their two office buildings by building a connecting newly built entrance. Doing so the style of the existing offices was retained. The connecting halls were opened up as much as possible in order to maximise an open connection between the buildings.
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Remodeling office space municipality Amsterdam

For the Municipality of Amsterdam, we have revitalized one of their outdated existing offices by converting it into beautiful workplaces where employees enjoy working. The establishment consists of various meeting rooms, workplaces, a front desk and more!
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Build of meeting rooms and offices Kaap Noord

In collaboration with the designers, Nanterre Bouw has realized a number of beautiful meeting rooms, in various sizes, for business center Kaap Noord. The end result speaks for itself!
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