Project: Office space ICTZ

New development & Remodeling

New Development & Remodeling ICTZ

At Nanterre Bouw we are regularly called in for complex and challenging construction projects. That is exactly the work we love doing and it helps us to develop and gain more knowledge. We have therefore carried out this project for ICTZ with great pleasure.

The goal? Create a connection between two independent office buildings.

ICTZ, an ICT service provider within the healthcare sector, is located in both offices, but was keen to link it. The assignment: build an open building (with a reception hall, various meeting rooms and two stories) in between to connect the two existing buildings.

In addition to connecting both offices, it was important to keep the passage between the two offices as open as possible. Making it essentially building with minimal open flooring.

Employees can now easily walk back and forth within the building and thanks to the large openings. The departments that were previously divided over two buildings can now easily be visited by their colleagues, which increases cohesion within the building and the company.

The challange

You will always encounter various challenges in large-scale projects like this. If this is the case we can show our expertise and craftsmanship! Something we love to do. The biggest challenges were to ensure equal hight flooring over the whole building and the largest possible open connection.

That might sound easier than it actually is. Because we are dealing with two separate buildings, it is still a challenge to achieve a floor that is exactly the same height.

ICTZ wanted to keep the connection as open as possible in order to ensure a cohesion between collegues working on opposide sides of the buildings. The challenge in this is mainly in construction. How do you keep the opening as large as possible and still keep the construction stable and reliable? Various techniques have been applied for this, including the use of pillars and trusses.

From drawing to the build

As a contractor we regularly work with architects. We like to do so because in that case there is a clear plan of the entire build and we can focus on making it happen. Some customers come to us with their architect and in other cases we are already involved from the first drawings. The drawings for this project for ICTZ were already available and we were able to start converting the drawings into a workable plan.

From drawing to realization is of course a great process. It is important to clearly map out and plan all activities. At ICTZ an extra challenge was added. They were already using both offices. Therefore it was of great importance to keep the inconvenience to a minimum and to realize the project within the planning.


Of course, a building is finished the furnishings are in place and the final touches have been completed. Nanterre Bouw also likes to play a role in this process of renovation. For example, we were able to contribute to ICTZ by developing the entire entrance with coffee corner and the reception desk.

The end result speaks for itself. A very pleasant reception place for customers and business relations.

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