Project: Superloft Build Amsterdam

Afbouw van Superloft in de Houthavens

Afbouw Superloft Houthavens

Finishing new builds is perfect for us. In this case, we were already involved from the design phase. Together with our architect and the client we come up with this unique design. An eye-catching house that is also a pleasure to live in.

The goal? A modern super loft with the kitchen as showpiece.

As a contractor, we are particularly proud of the realized intermediate floor and the interplay of steel elements, plastered walls and raw concrete walls.

This super loft in the Houthavens is not only very modern, but also very playful. Instead of laying the floor from front to back, it was decided to create a vide at the rear. This gives the dining area a very high ceiling and the space upstairs is great to do some work.

In addition, various gaps have been made in the floor, each of which is filled with a net. This is sturdy material and doesn’t only look like hammock, it functions as one also.


The biggest challenge in this build is the second floor. The apartment was completely bare and without any levels. In order to create two levels, we came up with an awesome solution. A very thin but sturdy floor.

The floor is made of perforated steel plate concrete floor, but without concrete. Not only does it look beautiful, it is also very thin (18 cm) and it is also filled with acoustic sound-absorbing material.

In addition we created a perfect combination of sleek stucco with raw (treated) concrete walls.

From drawing to the build and finish

As a contractor we regularly work with architects and we quite like to do so. Some customers come to us with their architect and in other cases we are already involved on paper for the first drawings. The drawings for this project were drawn by an architect we work with a lot.

From drawing to realization is a great process. Constructing de mid-level floor was particularly challenging. We had to come up with a creative and practical solution. Together with the architect we managed to do so.

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