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Rebuilding a store requires a tight schedule and no surprises. Therefore: Build with Nanterre Bouw!

Renovation clothing store Hoorn

Renovation clothing store Hoorn

Yoga store renovation Amsterdam

Yoga store renovation Amsterdam

Clothing store remodeling

Clothing store remodeling

Store renovation

The renovation of a store is often a large project that must be completed within a short period of time. A store often has to be opened in the short term and generate income. Therefore a quick and perfectly scheduled build is of upmost importance. Construction company Nanterre understands this.
Do you have a specific deadline for completing the renovation of your store? We ensure a successful retail construction project!

Retail renovations by Nanterre Bouw

As a construction company, Nanterre has already carried out various renovations in the retail sector. These projects range from clothing stores to a yoga studio / store. Nanterre has the knowledge and experience to realize your retail remodeling with a high-quality finish.

  • Reliable
  • To experience
  • Working according to a plan
  • Attention to detail
  • High-quality finish

Retail construction with Nanterre means bringing in specialists in every field and the realization of a beautiful new store! Request more information now or view a selection of the retail construction projects that we have carried out below.

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Featured Store Renovations


Connecting multiple Stores

For this clothing store in Hoorn, we have turned three stores into one large store. The walls (and a floor) have been partly broken down in order to create big openings between the different buildings.
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Remodeling YAY yogastore and café

For YAY we didn’t only break through all the walls to create an enormous space, we also took care of the final finish and have been actively involved in designing and building the interior.
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